Water Aerobics
A low impact aqua class; no swimming skills needed. Designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance while using the resistance of the water to cushion feet, knees and back.

Warm Yoga Stretch
Held around the pool, this unhurried, therapeutic yoga class introduces postures and breathing techniques that gradually build flexibility and strength. Yoga Stretch is for any age, shape or size who wants to experience the many benefits of yoga. Reserve your spot for this popular offering as space is limited. Class is complimentary to members.

Total Body Strength Training
Designed to help you with proper strength training technique. TBST uses different forms of equipment (weights, resistance bands, loops) to target every muscle group each class. A perfect way to build strength while sculpting your body and helping you get leaner. Beginner to Intermediate skill levels welcome!

Total Body Barre
Similar to Total Body Strength Training but featuring more Barre. Combines proper strength training technique with a focus on Barre exercises. Each class uses different equipment (light weights, barre balls, resistance bands/loops) to target legs, abs, and arms. A challenging and fun workout to sculpt your body and get leaner. All levels welcome.

Intermediate Yoga
Designed for those who have a good understanding of basic yoga postures, have begun to explore a wider variety of poses/styles and understands the relationship between breath and movement. All equipment included. A positive, fun, and curious attitude encouraged!

Strong Bodies
Based on strength training studies conducted at Tufts University, Boston, this is a gateway class to more advanced conditioning. Stretching, light weights, balance and functional movement activities are all components of this class. All levels welcome.

Class Packages

  • Single
  • 5 Class Package
  • 10 Class Package
  • 15 Class Package
  • *Non Member Per Class
  • $5.00
  • $20.00
  • $37.50
  • $52.50
  • $10.00

Warm Stretch Yoga Thursdays at 9:30am – FREE for Members/Guest Pass

Personal Training

  • Orientation
    • Hands-on tutorial on how to operate gym equipment

    • Complimentary
  • PT Advantage (Valid during the first week of membership)
    • Monthly 40-minute sessions with a certified trainer
    • Customized workout plan (adjusted monthly)
    • Measurement and goal tracking
    • Private yoga can be substituted for PT session
  • 3 – 40-minute Sessions
  • $75.00

Monthly personal training packages available:

  • 1 – 30-Minute Session
  • 3 – 30-Minute Sessions
  • 8 – 30-Minute Sessions (2x/week)
  • 12 – 30-Minute Sessions (3x/week)
  • $35.00
  • $90.00
  • $199.00
  • $275.00
Monthly Class Schedule – PDF

*All classes can be purchased at the front desk.

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